About Us

Professional, Integrity, Objective

ITEC Solution Indonesia  provides essential products and research services for oil and gas , mining , manufactures , crop protection, and chemical companies as well as universities, governments, and other research organizations. Our company is founded on the principle that research partnerships depend on unmatched expertise, unwavering dedication to customer service and shared goals, we committed to helping customers realize the full potential of their products and research which contribute to enhancing the lives as well as protecting the environment.

ITEC Indonesia provides comprehensive scientific expertise and a full service offering in research and development, research models and services, regulatory consulting, and analytical support to our customers.  We are privately held global company with corporate headquarters in Bogor-Indonesia.

We ensure  accurate analysis report with the best quality assurance and quality control program on site and on Lab all according to the above mentioned references.

Registered at The Ministry of Environment No.0114/LPJ/LABLING-1/LRK/KLHK

Membership Number  20102-18000004
National Registered Number 180125-002449

National Accreditation Committee for Accreditation number LP-894-IDN

PJK3 No.Kep.1109/BINWASK3-PNK3/XII/2018

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